Vibra-TITE Launches Sportsman's Bench Products Sticky

Vibra-TITE announces Sportsman's Bench Products, the first and only product line of threadlockers, adhesives, and lubricants to be licensed by the National Rifle Association. Sportsman's Bench Products are targeted towards outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in hunting, archery, ATV's, trucks, cars, boats, and in maintaining and repairing their own equipment.

Sinclair 6 Pack Video

Sinclair has posted a video review of the Sportsman's 6 Pack.


Buckmasters: Gunhunter Review

John Haviland of Gunhunter magazine was kind enough to review our Sportsmans Bench Products 6 Pack in the September 2011 magazine.

Click here to see a PDF of the article.

NRA Club Connection

An advertisement for Sportsman's Bench Products can be found in Volume 16, Issue 2 of the NRA Club Connection magazine.

White Tails Unlimited Review

Whitetails Unlimited Magazine has featured the Sportsman's Bench Product 6 Pack.

Click here to see a PDF of the article.

Sportsman's Bench Products Receive Endorsement from “Speedy” Gonzalez

Vibra-TITE, the bottled product group of ND Industries, Inc., is proud to receive an endorsement from United States Benchrest Hall of Fame Member "Speedy" Gonzalez for its Sportsman's Bench Products line of threadlockers, adhesives, and lubricants.

Guns & Ammo: Long Gun Journal Review

A "Tite" New Product by Scott E. Mayer

"It's safe to say the Sportsman's Bench Products go in the "Stuff That Works" category. I'm sure there are a ton of other uses for these lockers and glues that I haven't even thought of yet and would be interested to see comments on what others come up with."

Link to full review


American Hunter Review

NRA Approved: Sportsman's Bench Products  By Dave Campbell

"No, the Sportsman’s 6 Pack won’t guarantee sub-MOA groups or get you that monster buck you crave, but it will save you some extemporaneous trips to town. That’s why it has earned a place on my workbench."

Link to full review

Outdoor Wire Review

Gadgets, Gee-Gaws and Jimcracks

"It's actually a neat little package that contains those items we never seem to have around our toolbenches, on our boats or in our backpacks when we need them"

Link to full review

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